Service Costs

DHC is open to discuss the charges for its services dependent on the topics asked for by the customer.

Work may be charged per hour or per day. A fixed amount may be agreed upon
for very well specified tasks.

DHC is also willing to work on the basis of a fixed monthly or yearly consultancy-fee.

Regarding divestitures, mergers or acquisitions DHC is also willing to work solely
on a success-fee basis with - by the customer approved - travelling and other travelling related expenses paid ahead.

In this case however, DHC will ask for an exclusive assignment of the "project"
for a certain time and for the success-fee payment immediately at closing. The fee will be calculated according to industry standards .

If DHC participates in the development of a project to a product DHC
could also consider for its services compensation by royalties after launching of the product
DHC would then not charge for consultancy with the exception of travelling costs.


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