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    Product Development

  • To perform analysis and overall assessments for new Life Science opportunities; the field covers both new diagnostic approaches, new diagnostic analytes and companion diagnostic, new methods / technologies and analysers with respect to their potential application in the Life Science field.

  • To analyse and assess each project regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats  (SWOT-analysis).

  • To work out those items  and specifications (must, wish, nice-to-have specifications) which are of paramount importance for a successful introduction of a new diagnostic product.

  • To work out the pros and cons of different approaches.
  • To estimate the necessary work, time and investment in feasibility, proof-principle or clinical studies which will be necessary to transfer research tests, tools or ideas into products routinely used in the clinical laboratory  or in a niche market.

  • To assist in the development of new products so that they are optimised for the diagnostic routine or research markets.

  • To direct and to assist in the optimisation procedure to ensure satisfactory performance characteristics for new analytes, methods and their application.

  • To develop strategies for the follow-ups and commercialisation of 2nd generation products.


Clinical Studies


  • To plan, initiate and perform clinical studies for new diagnostic parameters and diagnostic approaches.

  • To advise as well as to implement studies to assess clinical utility (efficacy, clinical specificity, clinical and analytical sensitivity, comparisons and correlation studies) for new diagnostic approaches and diagnostic analytes.

  • To make proposals for the choice of the adequate patient- and reference cohort groups.

  • To assist in the statistical evaluation and interpretation of  clinical  data





  • To initiate and manage new relationships or commercialisation channels.

  • To assist in the search for partners and contracting with the identified partners. These partners may be in Europe, in the US or in the Far East.

  • To assist in the identification and search for OEM-partners and for licensing in & out activities.

  • To take over certain due diligence functions in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.  


Know-how Transfer


  • To participate in internal and external training for R&D staff, sales representatives and customers.


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