Who is DHC?


Managing Director: Dr. Hans-Georg F. Eisenwiener


Dr. Hans-Georg F. Eisenwiener has more than 45 years experiences in the laboratory field.
He received his PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Mainz. By the approval of the Swiss Society for Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics he is also a clinical chemist and certified to run a routine clinical laboratory.
Before he entered the Diagnostic Division at F. Hoffmann - La Roche in Basle he was Head of the Clinical Laboratory of the Neurological Clinic at the University of G÷ttingen. In G÷ttingen he worked also on a private lecturer (Privatdozent) work (not finished) about Encephalitis dissiminata (Multiple Sclerosis).
He joined Roche in 1970 and belonged to those persons in the early phase of Roche's Diagnostics Division who shaped with his team the future broad product portfolio of Roche Diagnostics.
Until 1979 he was responsible for Diagnostics' Product Development in Clinical Chemistry and was strongly involved in automation/analyser development. From then on he was responsible for Diagnostics' Research & Development in Basel. He managed up to 120 persons in the broad diagnostic fields of Clinical Chemistry, Immuno-Chemistry, Coagulation and Microbiology. The very broad 1990 menu of reagents for the various analyser-systems has been developed in his R&D teams. All the ideas for Roche's analysers from the methodological point of view were also concepted there under his management.
After Roche┤s re-organisation and external the acquisition of Boehringer Mannheim GmbH by Roche in 1998/99 he was responsible for the search, identification and licensing-in of new diagnostic analytes and new methodologies / technologies.
During this time he initiated very many clinical evaluations for new analytes with respect to proof-of-principle, clinical sensitivity and clinical specificity in the area of bone-, cartilage- and joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, coagulation and thrombotic diseases, tumor diagnostics and neurology field (Stroke, TIA, Epilepsy).
Dr. H.-G. Eisenwiener is experienced in contacting, partnering and contracting and he has proven experiences in bringing projects from R&D to Production and Marketing.
In 1999 after ending his Roche time he started his own consulting company in the same fields he managed already inside Roche, extended by the new coming-up fields of Point-of-Care testing procedures.
He always worked results- and budget oriented in a "participation-and-communication management style" and has the ability to identify needs for changes and to install them.
He has more than 50 publications, was member of the German- as well of the Swiss Society for Clinical Chemistry and Member of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.
He worked as delegated expert in many working groups of VDGH, DIN, IFCC, CEN for setting European and International Standards for performance- and clinical utility evaluations, assessment of clinical data, statistics and reliability of laboratory result.


Past and present consulting activities of DHC


After his retirement from Roche he has built up his own consulting company and did consulting service in the whole diagnostic area, presently especially in the immunochemical, Point-of-Care field and in strategic planning.

Some examples:

  • Assessment of the potential commercial success of a new clinical chemical analyser (for a funding department of a well-known Canadian bank).

  • Consulting and leading a group of scientists being active in the field of new BioSensor-based diagnostic technologies and their automation (for a commercial research institute in Cambridge, UK).

  • Assessment and evaluation of the clinical data of a new tumor marker for PSA (for a company in Austria). 

  • Running courses in diagnostic companies regarding clinical evaluations of new diagnostic analytes, statistics and interpretation of the results.

  • Assessment of various tests in the field of dementia and Alzheimer┤s disease (work for another consultant).

  • Consulting regarding Point-of-Care tests and assessment of the commercial success of a small doctor┤s office measurement system  (for a leading international company in Germany, manufacturing medical and healthcare products, which wanted to expand their activities  into the diagnostic area).

  • Looking, for screening and assessment of new diagnostic markers (for one of the largest diagnostic companies).

  • Strategic considerations and establishment of the adequate specifications for BioSensor based Point-of-Care clinical chemical products, especially for a new home blood glucose measurement device with BioSensor strips (for a company in  South Korea being active in Point-of-Care BioSensor products).

  • Assessment of the commercial potential of markers in the field of bone and cardiovascular diseases (for a Cardiovascular Research Institute).

  • Assessment of new markers for myocardial infarction, heart insufficiency, stroke, Alzheimer┤s disease   and other neurological diseases (for a company in Canada).

  • Planning of the development and clinical evaluations of functional drinks (for a company in Ireland)

  • Assessment and commercialisation activities of a new approach in the field of atherogenesis and arteriosclerosis (for a company in Cambridge, UK).

  • Consulting in immunochemical MTP based research, production, QC and immunochemical Point-of-Care testing (for a small diagnostic company in Germany).

  • Assessment of the clinical utility- and of the performance data  of assays in the cerebro-vascular field of ischemic / hemorrhagic stroke,  TIA and Epilepsy (for a start-up company in Atlanta, USA).

  • Looking for and strategic planning of a product portfolio for doctor┤s office testing (for a new Point-of-Care company in Germany).